Real Estate

Since so much of my current freelance work is in the real estate industry, I decided to also dedicate a page to showcasing my work in this arena. And I do have a long history of working with clients in residential real estate. In fact, for those who were curious enough to read my bio, it was Prudential Real Estate Affiliates who told my boss that they would take their business elsewhere if I didn’t relocate to California to open up a West Coast office for our firm and personally manage their account (though I did not learn of this until years later). And upon doing so, I effectively became part of the company’s in-house public relations team – with an on-site office and everything – for the remainder of the years we represented them.

As a freelancer, I have returned to the business, doing a lot content marketing and digital communications work for agents and teams at Douglas Elliman, the largest real estate brokerage in the New York metropolitan area and the fourth largest residential real estate company nationwide. I have been creating customized monthly email newsletters for several agents, using content marketing to put them in front of their contacts on a regular basis, positioning them as a knowledgeable resource and fostering engagement whenever possible. You can see some examples of these newsletters – which have been consistently delivering open and click rates that exceed the industry averages by 47 and 83 percent, respectively – in the portfolio section of this site.

For other agents, I have been doing various copywriting assignments, including bios, bylined articles, and direct mail. I even developed a simple website for one team, and have been providing ongoing social media support for another.

I am always willing to work with entrepreneurs looking to differentiate themselves in highly competitive fields, and residential real estate certainly falls into that category.