Advocacy & Issues Management

I love a good fight. And I am at my best when I am emotionally engaged in the work I am doing. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to put my skills and experience to work advancing a number of worthy causes over the years, targeting a wide range of influencers and decision makers.

I have raised awareness and understanding of issues such as childhood obesity and healthcare disparities in underserved communities, along with promoting potential solutions. In the environmental arena, I have led wastepaper recycling initiatives and campaigned for flue-gas desulfurization technologies – smokestack scrubbers – on behalf of clients. And I even worked both sides of the buy-American issue in the automotive industry, pushing an incredibly successful buy-American initiative (generating more than 150 million media impressions in 24 hours and helping our client pump $50 million into the then sagging U.S. auto industry, earning it face-to-face meetings with the Big 3 and preferred supplier status) on behalf of an automotive supplier one year and then writing Op-Eds on behalf of an international automotive trade group the following year.

OK, so maybe I am not always emotionally engaged to the causes I am hired to champion, but I certainly have the skills and expertise needed to help you get your voice heard by the right audiences.