Executive Counsel & Support

I have regularly provided communications counsel and support to senior executives, both in-house and on the agency side. And my ability and willingness to fearlessly provide sound executive guidance has long been one of the hallmarks of my success, making me a valued resource – even beyond my communications expertise.

In addition, along with my experience and candor, my integrity and discretion have earned me a reputation as a trusted and reliable resource for executives at all levels. And this has served me particularly well when providing change management, crisis communications, and internal communications support.

While the counsel and support you provide a client is rarely as intimate and comprehensive as what you can offer internally, I have frequently worked closely with executives at client companies to develop effective communications strategies and work through a variety of business challenges. For example, leveraging my corporate communications expertise, I have worked with senior management to launch new brands and companies, facilitate mergers and acquisitions, redefine and restructure organizations, downsize staff, turn around failing companies, and transition leadership as well as define and establish emerging leaders. And at a more tactical level, I have ghostwritten bylines and secured speaking opportunities to help executives establish thought leadership as well as provided media training and even done some speech writing for them.

When I was younger, my friends used to joke that my prematurely gray hair gave me a distinct advantage in quickly earning the trust and respect of C-suite executives. And there may have been some truth to that. But the experience I have gained over the years, including having served as a senior executive myself, has proven me worthy of that trust and respect – and even added a few more gray hairs to my head along the way.