I have had the good fortune to work for a number of major consumer brands over the years. I lead the public relations team that launched Blue Moon for Coors. I did some cause-related marketing for Pizza Hut. And I took Hershey’s Kissmobile on a brand activation road trip, trading kisses for smiles as we test-marketed some new products.

Whether supporting consumer packaged goods or services, I have a proven track record of developing and implementing data-driven communications plans that effectively engage, inform, and motivate a wide range of audiences across multiple channels. I have built brands and managed reputations, increased awareness and understanding, launched products and services, nurtured customer communities, and cultivated new audiences and markets.

As a media relations expert, I have a long track record of generating favorable coverage in top-tier print, broadcast, and online outlets targeting local, national, and international audiences. I have also worked with a wide variety of celebrities and influencers over the years, as well as managed product review programs.

And as a data-driven marketing professional, I have conducted research, led focus groups, monitored web traffic, tracked lead generation, and provided analysis to help sales and other departments. I have also used these and other KPI’s to effectively measure ROI and maintain an environment of accountability and continuous improvement.