Marketing & Corporate Communications

RecentResultsWebSizeChris Dobens Communications offers a variety of marketing and corporate communications services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, nonprofits, and other entities seeking support that is both agile and affordable. It is owned and operated by Chris Dobens, a results-driven professional with nearly 30 years of experience. He spent his first decade working his way up the ranks at public relations agencies, supporting a variety of national and international brands in the business-to-business, consumer, corporate, and technology sectors. And he went on to serve in hands-on leadership roles, as the Director of Marketing of a national professional services firm and then as the Marketing Director of a nonprofit destination.

The Dobens Difference
The communications profession is filled with specialists these days. Which would be fine if your business had only one specific need. But not everything is a nail, so you really need more than a hammer in your tool box – despite what all those hammers will tell you.

As the principal and namesake of Chris Dobens Communications, I believe in a more integrated approach, employing a unified strategy that utilizes all the appropriate communications channels to achieve the best results for the client. And with the breadth and depth of my experience, which includes not only public relations but all the other marketing disciplines, I am well-qualified to provide such a comprehensive scope of services.

My somewhat unconventional career track has always been driven by a desire to learn and experience every aspect of the communications business. This pursuit of professional adventure has kept me on the cusp of changes within the communications business. And during my three decades in the profession, change has been arguably the only constant.

The Modern Communications Landscape
The best snapshot of the current communications landscape is surely the PESO model, first proposed by Gini Dietrich in her 2014 book Spin Sucks. And her infographic below illustrates the concept, which is more about convergence than the often-siloed approach of the past.

Source: Gini Dietrich,

Thanks to the internet and subsequent digital revolution, the line between paid media (traditional advertising) and earned media (traditional public relations) has blurred. And owned media, the publication of original content, has gone from niches like vanity publishing to a thriving new field now that technology has made it easier for everyone to publish their own content. Technology has also opened the door for shared media, which is all the content created by others that we can now easily share via social media, blogs, email newsletters, and other channels.

The same curiosity that drove me to explore all of the various communications disciplines over the years also made me an active participant in the digital revolution that transformed our business – along with everyone else’s. I have always been an early adopter of technology (though less so these days, as I have begun to appreciate things like privacy and mindfulness), which led me to eagerly embrace changes in our profession brought about technological advancements – from developing a website in 1996, to starting a blog in 2003, to joining Facebook in 2007 (and Twitter in 2009).

As a result, I am well-equipped to succeed in this new model, given my understanding of – and commitment to continually learning about – the ever-changing digital landscape. And that commitment to continually learning is key, because a lot of people are experts on what’s working today. But I have a track record of continually developing a proficiency in the latest tools and technologies year after year. That, coupled with my track record of effectively employing these new developments as part of integrated, multi-channel, data-driven communications programs, ensures that I will remain a valuable communications asset no matter what direction the profession takes.

With that in mind, you can ask me to write and pitch a press release or bylined article. You can ask me to write and produce a brochure, email newsletter, social media feed, or website. And I will, because I am a nice guy, with plenty of talent and years of experience successfully executing such tactics.

But the smart thing to do, and where I can really shine, is to approach me with an idea, concept, need, or challenge, and let me work with you to develop a comprehensive solution. Because in the current marketing communications landscape, most everything you do can and should be leveraged across all the disciplines – and through multiple channels. And I will be happy to show you how!