Public Relations

NYTimesMastersFundamental to both marketing and much of corporate communications, public relations has been the backbone of my career. It is best defined as the management and dissemination of information between a company and its constituents, which is why it is really a subset of and integral to both marketing and corporate communications.

In the traditional sense, public relations was often focused on using third-party endorsements, such as the media, to convey information and influence various target audiences (primarily the public, hence the name). But as I explained on the home page, the tech-driven transformation of the communications business has significantly blurred such distinctions, which is why having a broad communications background is so beneficial these days.

That said, I have a wealth of experience in the development and implementation of strategic public relations plans designed to engage, educate, and motivate a wide range of audiences across multiple channels. I have worked in the business-to-business, consumer, corporate, and technology sectors. And I have developed the ability to quickly master new markets and industries to the point where my counsel and expertise are used to shape a client’s communications strategy.

I have launched products and services as well as built and reshaped brands. I am an expert at writing press materials and generating earned media coverage. I have developed positioning and crafted messages, increased awareness and understanding, established thought leadership, nurtured customer communities, and cultivated new audiences and markets. I have managed numerous events, including grand openings, press conferences, on-site promotions, trade shows, and professional symposiums.

In addition, I have significant experience in corporate communications, including expertise in branding, change management, corporate identity, internal communications, and reputation management. I also have experience in advocacy, cause-related marketing, community relations, crisis communications, customer/member relations, and issues management.